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New & nifty time-saving applications

Forget about copy & paste...

The best ideas always spark from conversations we have with our clients and so was the case with our latest time-saving application.

We were talking with a Revenue Manager about how much time their collections team wasted copying and pasting notes from a spreadsheet back into CreditForce. Each time they held a partner meeting, to receive an update on the aged debt they were managing, they would navigate to the invoice view in CreditForce, filter by partner and export to Excel. They would then take their spreadsheet to the meeting and type in their notes. Once the meeting had finished, they would review the spreadsheet and copy / paste the notes back into CreditForce—how absolutely time-exhausting!So we developed the GLUEON Transporter, a nifty time-saving application designed to enable the content of the collector's spreadsheet to be loaded automatically into CreditForce.

The CreditForce user can:

  • Generate a report in Excel to include data from either the Invoice, Working Capital or Cashiers view and bring with them to the partner meeting to type in their notes and updates Or

  • Use the automated batch reporting to generate the reports automatically and email to the partners directly for them to update

  • The GLUEON Transporter can then be used to upload the updates automatically from the spreadsheet back into CreditForce

Eliminate the need for copy-pasting time-wasting with the GLUEON Transporter.

Notify, despatch & track

Our Development Team here at Innovation Software are forever conjuring up innovative ways to make your life easier, save you time and ultimately increase your team's productivity levels. Another of our latest offerings are a number of tools centred around email that we have aptly named: MailForce.  

  1. Notify When an invoice has been raised in the host PMS or accounting system, CreditForce will automatically send an email notification to the fee earner, partner or secretary that the invoice is ready to be despatched.

  2. Despatch The despatch tracking service allows us to track when invoices have been despatched by the fee earner, partner or secretary via the use of a centralised mailbox. The service uses the detail of the email and the attachment(s) to match to the relevant invoices in CreditForce and record the date it was sent as a despatch date (which can be used to drive workflow). It gets even better - the email address that the invoice was sent to gets set as the default email address for all further chasing, making it even easier for your collectors to chase the cash.

  3. Track CreditForce will store and track a copy of the invoice sent, together with each related email transaction in the communications history, so information about the invoice can be easily tracked and retrieved. Even if the email is deleted in Outlook our clever email tracking service will store a carbon copy in CreditForce that cannot be overwritten.

For more information about all our products and services in the CreditForce range, please click here or request a demo.

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