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We can help you to increase the value delivered by your Receivables, Revenue, and Working Capital Management Teams, and optimise and achieve excellence in your cash flow, with benefits to profitability and Client Service.

We undertake a review of your business and:

  • Study your objectives, existing Receivables and Working Capital Management policies and processes

  • Benchmark these against Best Practice

  • Quantify the opportunities for improvement, set targets for potential release of Working Capital and Cost Savings

  • Provide a plan and implementation strategy for the improvement of working processes, communication of targets and information, knowledge and skills transfer, and delivery of results.

Specific Features for Global Businesses

CreditForce is particularly useful for Global and Acquisitive Businesses. The product range is designed for:

  • Multi-Company

  • Multi- Jurisdiction and, most importantly,

  • Multiple- Accounting Systems

We have exceptional integration skills, and can help you rapidly centralise Billing and Credit Control, with all WIP Management Collections Teams using the same CreditForce system, regardless of the Accounting System that generated the transaction. The result is:-

  • An holistic view of the Receivables and Working Capital investment in your Clients, globally

  • Interchangeable personnel.

  • A step change in efficiency, and generally very large cost savings.


We have a highly experienced and seasoned team of Implementation Consultants. All of our employees are multi-disciplinary professionals, Accountants, Financial Systems, Credit & Revenue Management Professional’s, and IT professionals with a minimum of one other discipline. All staff have experience of Business Process Design and Re-Engineering.

All IT personnel are Microsoft Certified Professionals and have in-depth experience of C# and ASP.Net, as well as SAP development. We also develop in SAP Business Objects Crystal Report Writer and Microsoft Reporting Services.

We work with over 40 accounting systems including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Infinium, Elite, Miles 33, Aderant, Galaxy, SOS, Lexis Nexis, Microsoft Dynamics (GP, NAV, and AX), Sage (Line 500 up). Epicor, Unison, Fuel Trader

We have a well-developed Project Management methodology that ensures the projects are run smoothly, delivered on time, and on budget.

Training Services

Our training services can focus not just on end-user requirements but also systems administration in terms of our own software and third-party components used in the overall solution. We are also able to offer a “train the trainer” program

Training can be given in English, French and Spanish.

Training Methods

Customers are always assigned a Training Manager who will meet with your Training Manager and plan the Training program. The Training Manager will generally also meet all of the individuals who are to undergo the training process prior to any training being given. This is to “break the ice”, identify any individuals that may have concerns about the process, and also individuals with specific needs.

Training is normally given:

  • Initially in a classroom, or virtual classroom environment, beginning with a complete Workshop/overview of the system and its purpose within the context of the client business objectives and processes.

  • Within the users’ workplace “on the job” on a one to one basis

  • Back in the classroom to review the process and identify any further customisation needs

We provide training for the following groups of users:

  • Managers – with specific programs for:

    • Managing the Collections and Revenue and Working Capital Management Teams

    • Working Capital Management – a Training Module focused on A/R and WIP reduction

  • The Users

  • The Application Managers (Systems Administrators) and

  • The Technical Administrators

  • (Train the) Trainers

  • Business Objects Crystal Report Writer


Software and Report Customisation Services

We have a highly experienced team of Microsoft Certified Architects, and SAP Developers in the event that Clients wish to have parts of our software Customised, or integrated with other applications within their portfolio of applications.

In addition we have a team of Crystal Report Writer and Microsoft Reporting Services professionals who can not only develop Custom Reports for your business, but also provide Training Courses in how to customise the CreditForce Reports as well as create totally new reports.

Business Intelligence Development Services

We have a team of Business Intelligence Development Professionals skilled in Microsoft SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services), SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), Microsoft Power BI and AI Platform, SAP Business Objects and Crystal Report Writer.  We provide the Source Code with our Models, Dashboards, and Reports. We also provide training in the Glueon Database Structure so that your Teams can create their own Business Intelligence solutions, or customise ours.

User Support and Software Maintenance Services

We provide a range of Support Services including 24x7 programs. Support is available in several languages, including English, French, Spanish and Hindi.

In addition, we provide a program of monthly Webinars on specific topics, and regular meetings for our User Group and User “Special Interest Groups” so that we can ensure that the functionality of each of our products is used to the full, and that our Research and Development is focused on meeting specific needs.

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