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CreditForce Insights transform the value delivered by your Finance and HR departments with best-in-class reporting on:
●    Revenue
●    Realisation
●    Profitability analytics 
●    HR 
●    General Ledger and Accounts Payable

By seamlessly connecting the vast untapped potential of your data, CreditForce Insights builds a breath-taking picture of the health of your business in real-time whilst enabling you to plan for the future.


With CreditForce Insights, you can see the true state of your business’s financial and HR performance in an instant; easily understanding and communicating issues through fully interactive dashboards and reports that accurately highlight the bottlenecks and issues that are holding your business back.


Use CreditForce Insights to track any KPI or metric that matters to your organisation, with interactive, drill-down features that allow native language search queries and puts informed decision making central to process optimisation and improvement.


Enable non-financial people to understand complex financial data – simply, clearly, quickly and powerfully

Save countless hours building reports with rapid real-time analytics that can be shared with anyone in the business

Find answers to the questions that matter in natural language and discover correlations that affect performance

Measure the processes that yield positive results and replicate elsewhere and highlight and replace those that do not

Visualise and connect your data in one place with full drill down toolsets – accessible on any device, anywhere

Customise layouts, drag & drop tables and tune your visuals to suit your audience at every level in your business

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