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Introducing The GLUEON Transporter

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

One illuminated lightbulb among many

The best ideas always spark from conversations and so was the case with our latest time-saving application.

We were mid-conversation with Asset Manager, Gary Marsland, of Plexus Law, when he told us about the lengthy process his Collections Team undertake with some of their insurance and re-insurance clients and Bordereau Bills.

Bordereau Bills are when individual invoices for matters are stored in the Practice Management System but get sent out to clients as one single bill. The consolidation of the individual invoices is a manual process carried out by the Collectors. The Credit Controllers were maintaining spreadsheets for each of the consolidated bills, which was a time-consuming exercise as it meant entering the information twice – once into the spreadsheet and then again into CreditForce. This “cutting and pasting” exercise took an average of half an hour per collector per day.

Gary asked us if there was any way we could automate this process. During one of our weekly Development Strategy meetings, we got together and started strategising. The idea for what would come to be known as the GLƱEON Transporter was born.

We designed this nifty application to enable the content of the Collectors spreadsheet to be loaded automatically into CreditForce.

CreditForce enables the Collector to:

  • Generate reports in Excel covering data from accounts receivable, WIP / inventory management and or client / trust account transactions

  • The spreadsheets are emailed to the appropriate manager automatically

  • The Excel spreadsheet to be updated by the appropriate manager and emailed back

  • On receipt of the returned email, the spreadsheet updates are loaded automatically by the GLƱEON Transporter into CreditForce

The GLƱEON Transporter is an elegant application that sits alongside CreditForce on the users’ desktop. It is so simple to use and so easy to run it can be loaded by your IT team. The user simply chooses a file path, selects the company that the information being loaded for relates to, selects the data type and import options and hits run. The GLƱEON Transporter will load the spreadsheet, check the columns to validate they match those within CreditForce and the data will appear in the appropriate view—easy as that.

To learn more about this time-saving application and to see a live demonstration email me: or call me on +44 1634 812 300

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