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Healthy Cash-flow - Healthy Mind 03

Tips and tricks for maintaining balance whilst working from home.

Issue No.3

Welcome to our third issue of Healthy Cash-flow, Healthy Mind. Firstly for a chance to win a donation to a charity of your choice in this Year's DSO Challenge - a final reminder for your financial year-end DSO numbers. Remember we need them for this year as well as last year. We already have a number of results in, and what looks to be a clear winner. Without naming names, the participant has reduced their debtor days down to 37.5. This is an incredible achievement, but if you think you can beat it please let us know by sending an email to: Secondly, thank you to the many clients who have been sharing your different tips for working from home as well as tips for having fun at home. One of our clients shared a game he has been playing with his team, a variation of the old 90s classic TV show: "Through The Key-hole". He kindly shared the rules with me:

  • Participants provide 3 photos to the Team Leader of items within their households:

  1. Contents of fridge,

  2. Item of clothing

  3. Random item of their choice 

  • The Team Leader then places each of the images, in no particular order, into the grid (see red button below to download your copy of the grid).

  • Participants receive the grid of photos where they guess which image belongs to which person. They use the final column to mark their answers.

  • The participant who guesses the highest number of photos correctly, wins.

We have included a blank grid for you to try this out with your team. Download your copy here:

Download DOCX • 15KB

Please let us know how you get on. We will definitely be adding it to our Friday afternoon task list!

Healthy cash-flow

On the subject of maintaining your collections whilst working from home, we have prepared the Covid19 Cash-flow Survival Kit. We all know that the next few months and possibly longer are going to be tough on businesses. Many large organisations are putting big steps in place to conserve cash. These include:

  • Not paying their VAT and Tax Bills

  • Not paying business rates

  • Not paying suppliers 

and much more.

To stay ahead of the game, we have prepared the Covid19 Cash-flow Survival Kit. It provides tips for: fantastic financial relationship management, staying in the know, when it comes to monitoring your clients' financial situations, and how CreditForce can be harnessed to help using our CreditForce 360 Protection Module.

Download your free copy here:

Download • 1.19MB

Healthy mind

We are giving away free yoga sessions again this week. Caroline Lyons will be hosting free yoga sessions from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, dining room, office room - anywhere-you-like room. Please find details of these below:

NamaStay At Home Yoga Sessions Held at the following times: Thursday 23 April, 6pm (GMT) Friday 24 April, 6pm (GMT) Saturday 25 April, 10.30am (GMT)

Click the link: NamaStay at Home Yoga 10 minutes before class start time to join either yoga session from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Things to think about.

  1. Please arrive 10 mins before the class starts

  2. Have cameras and microphones on if you would like to say hi

  3. Once the class begins, Caroline will switch off all microphones 

  4. You are free to play your own relaxing music

  5. When the class ends, switch cameras and microphones back on to say bye 

  6. Please email Caroline at: if you would like any help in setting up (in advance of start of class)

We hope you enjoy these sessions, designed to work out the body, and relax the mind. We look forward to seeing you on the Mat. 

Thought of the day

“The People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." Steve Jobs

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