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Funky New Features

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Designed to Save Time

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Email Services: Notify, Despatch & Track

Our Development Team here at Innovation Software are forever conjuring up innovative ways to make your life easier, save you time and ultimately increase your Collections Teams' productivity levels. The latest addition to our offering are a number of tools centred around Email that we have aptly named: MailForce.

  1. Notify When an invoice has been raised in the host PMS or Accounting System, CreditForce can automatically send an email notification to the Fee Earner, Partner or Secretary that the invoice is ready to be sent.

  2. Despatch The Despatch Tracking Service allows us to track when invoices have been despatched by the Fee Earner, Partner or Secretary via the use of a centralized mailbox. The service uses the detail of the email and the attachment(s) to match to the relevant invoices in CreditForce and record the date it was sent in CreditForce as a Despatch Date (which can be used to drive workflow). It gets even better - the email address that the invoice was sent to gets set as the default email address for all further chasing, making it even easier for your collectors to chase the cash. And also a copy of the despatch email can be saved to the CreditForce Communications History for the Client.

  3. Track CreditForce will store and track copies of all emails sent from CreditForce, together with each related email transaction in the Communications History, so information about the invoice can be easily tracked and retrieved. Even if the email is deleted in Outlook our clever Email Tracking service will store a carbon copy in CreditForce that cannot be overwritten.

Big news for all our Aderant Users

Many organisations are using eBilling to render their invoices to their customers and clients. Products such as Aderant BillBlast and TRE eBilling Hub empower law firms to increase productivity and profitability by streamlining legal eBilling submission, improving compliance with client requirements and accelerating the path to acceptance and payment.

CreditForce eBilling now integrates with Aderant BillBlast in addition to TRE eBIlling Hub; and monitors the progress (or otherwise) of invoices through the payment cycle completely automatically.

CreditForce eBilling allows:

  1. Import Import of BillBlast or TRE eBilling Hub statuses directly into CreditForce.

  2. Display The statuses will be displayed in the Invoice View so that Users can easily see any updates.

  3. Alert Set up automated alerts for e.g. when the status of an eBill changes, automatic email alerts can be triggered to notify whomever needs to know based on the status of the eBill. We can set up different alerts for each status.

GLUEON Transporter

The best ideas always spark from conversations and so was the case with our latest time-saving application.

We were mid-conversation with Asset Manager, Gary Marsland, of Plexus LLP when he told us about the lengthy process his Collections Team undertake with some of their insurance and re-insurance clients and Bordereau Bills.

Bordereau Bills are when individual invoices for matters are stored in the Practice Management System but get sent out to clients as one single bill. The consolidation of the individual invoices is a manual process carried out by the Collectors. The Credit Controllers were maintaining spreadsheets for each of the consolidated bills, which was a time-consuming exercise as it meant entering the information twice – once into the spreadsheet and then again into CreditForce. This “cutting and pasting” exercise took an average of half an hour per collector per day.

Gary asked us if there was any way we could automate this process. During one of our weekly Development Strategy meetings, we got together and started strategising. The idea for what would come to be known as the GLƱEON Transporter was born.

We designed this nifty application to enable the content of the Collectors spreadsheet to be loaded automatically into CreditForce.

CreditForce enables the Collector to:

  • Generate reports in Excel covering data from accounts receivable, WIP / inventory management and or client / trust account transactions

  • The spreadsheets are emailed to the appropriate manager automatically

  • The Excel spreadsheet to be updated by the appropriate manager and emailed back

  • On receipt of the returned email, the User can upload spreadsheet updates using the GLƱEON Transporter, directly into CreditForce

The GLƱEON Transporter is an elegant application that sits alongside CreditForce on the users’ desktop. It is so simple to use and so easy to run it can be loaded by your IT team.

The user simply chooses a file path, selects the company that the information being loaded for relates to, selects the data type and import options and hits run.

The GLƱEON Transporter will load the spreadsheet, check the columns to validate they match those within CreditForce and the data will appear in the appropriate view—easy as that.

To learn more about our time-saving features and services, call the office on 01634 812 300 and ask for Caroline or email her:

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