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CreditForce V6 with Email Tracker - Loves the Tasks you Hate

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

- Save between 30 - 45 mins per collector, per day

- Automate the saving of outbound emails 

- Track and automate the saving of replies 

- Automate follow-up tasks

A lot of time is spent by Collections Teams scanning inboxes for emails and copying and pasting information that they need to store in their Collections System. CreditForce Email Tracker automates this process, meaning Collectors waste less time on repetitive tasks and free up more time for collecting.

CreditForce Email Tracker will automatically track and save a copy of every email sent, together with each reply received, storing a copy in the Communications History for the appropriate client in CreditForce. Even if the email is deleted in Outlook, a copy will be saved within CreditForce.

It gets even better though. Where appropriate, Collectors can specify that a follow-up task be generated automatically in their daily Task List. This enables CreditForce users to live within the application rather than switching between Outlook periodically to check whether critical replies have been received.

Email tracking screenshot
Select "Create Task from Replies" to automatically schedule a follow-up task.
Automatic email tracker screenshot
Automatically tracks & saves emails and creates schedules tasks to appear in your Task List and Communications History.

Key Features & Benefits:

Email Tracker is a Repetitive Task Automation (RTA) feature that saves 30 - 45 minutes per Collector, per day. If you have a team of 10 Collectors, each saving up to 45 mins per day - it’s like having an additional team member for every working day.

Automatically saves all outgoing emails sent by each Collector from CreditForce in the appropriate Client’s Communications History. Scans every incoming email in Outlook, checks for replies to emails sent by each Collector from CreditForce and automatically saves these within the appropriate Client’s Communications History.

When creating and sending an email, Collectors can opt for a follow-up task to be created automatically when a reply is received. All emails are stored securely within the CreditForce database and cannot be lost e.g. if a Controller leaves and their Outlook account is deleted.

CreditForce V6 with built-in Email Tracker is available now. For more information, give us a call on 01634 812 300 or send an email to: to arrange a demonstration today.

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