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CreditForce is now live & in-use

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

At Ellisons Solicitors

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Ellisons Solicitors have implemented the CreditForce collections suite including the SRA RCAB and Working Capital Management modules. The Innovation Software Implementation Team integrated CreditForce with P4W; the advanced Partner for Windows for legal and case management.

Director of Client Services, Caroline Lyons commented: “We are very happy to be working with Financial Director, Edward Gordon-Hall and Working Capital Manager, Tim Cater. Both of whom we know from former law firms. In fact Edward has implemented CreditForce at no less than two previous firms, and we are very grateful that when he moved to Ellisons he again brought us with him.”

When asked why he chose CreditForce…again, Edward Gordon-Hall replied: “We selected CreditForce because we wanted to establish greater control over Ellisons’ working capital. The combination of automated processes, real-time data at our fingertips and intuitive software has given us the ability to focus our strategies and actions, facilitating a significant step forward in the efficiency of our debt and work in progress operations.”.

CreditForce is now live, in-use and already saving time for the Ellisons Collections Team. When asked what he likes most about CreditForce, Tim Cater told us: "It's easy to use, understand and to obtain quick and accurate information, this system makes the job of Working Capital Management so much easier!".

CreditForce connects with all the major PMS and ERP systems (and some not so major ones too). To discover how CreditForce can help maximise efficiency within your firm, contact Caroline Lyons on 01634 812 300 or via email at

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