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CreditForce Insights for Microsoft Power BI - now at an affordable new price

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Nothing is ever static in business, especially in the world of Credit Management. With CreditForce Insights, our reporting and dashboards module, you can bring your data to life with beautiful, interactive graphs and pie-charts, visible on any device - anytime, anywhere.

View your data in the one place with drill down tool-sets. See who's over-performing, find out who's under-performing. With CreditForce Insights you can visualise the bottlenecks that could be holding your business back.

Microsoft Power BI Graphs

Right now you can paint a complete picture of your business for as little as *£2,400 per year.

For more pricing information on CreditForce Insights or for any module in our collections management suite, please contact us via the link below or email Caroline:

*Terms and conditions apply

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