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Intelligent Collections Management

Let CreditForce work for your cashflow
30% + reduction in DSO
50% + increase in productivity


Best-in-class features to optimise working capital

We provide an end-to-end credit management software solution that focuses on cash generation, rapid query resolution and intelligent workflows, leading to improved customer satisfaction, DSO reduction by at least 30%, and productivity gains of over 50%.


Intelligent cash matching and input tools

We’ve partnered with Cashbook to streamline your cash application process. Remittances will be auto matched against open invoices and bank statements. Automate your general ledger postings for miscellaneous banking charges or transfers. Automate your deductions in your ERP system with auto-coding based upon configurable rules. Eliminate bank lockbox key stroke charges and make checks and remittance images available to users.


Automatic updates from credit rating agencies

With real-time monitoring of your accounts, CreditForce enables you to set accurate credit limits and become notified of any changes. As a result, you’ll reduce bad debt exposure by ensuring automated compliance with terms and credit limits.


Interactive dashboard reporting and analysis

Make the complex simple with our cutting-edge dashboard suite, helping you to measure every A/R, Working Capital and SRA RCAB KPI to realise peak performance. Our BI and machine learning tools will help identify bottlenecks that are affecting your cashflow, increase visibility across the business and help optimise productivity and profitability.

“There is a can-do attitude that permeates through the whole organisation making the complex easily attainable. Innovation Software provide the personal touch and are never further away than on the end of a telephone. Expertise and professionalism are paired with a responsive and personal approach.“

Global Credit Manager, Simmons & Simmons


CreditForce V6 now live at KPMG

We are delighted to announce that CreditForce V6 has been integrated with SAP and is now live and in use at KPMG.

Media & Press Updates

We are pleased to announce that Plexus Law has decided to implement Innovation Software’s SRA RCAB (Residual Client Account Balance) management module. Designed for law firms, the software is highly efficient and effective, enabling firms to radically reduce the amount of time required to manage potential and actual residual balances, ensuring compliance.

The solution also includes a COFA dashboard that provides an overall picture as to the state of compliance, and instant interactive insights into potential flash-points.

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"I can't imagine how other companies, who don't have this software, cope."

Financial Controller - Top 100 Law Firm

Reasons to Invest 


CreditForce is the most effective collections management system on the market today. It provides access to every element of information you might want about your clients, WIP and associated receivables. This unique product is the leading choice particularly for law firms looking for legal billing software, and other large organisations looking for an invoice management system capable of handling large amounts of invoices, regularly.


Credit Force offers a multitude of intelligent solutions that address collections, risk and working capital management. With cash and billing forecasting, query management, exposure tracking and collections target management, CreditForce maintains a constant focus on lock-up and DSO reduction.


CreditForce is fully Integrated with the world's leading ERP and PMS including: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft GP, Aderant and Aderant Sierra, Elite 3E, Lawsoft, Lexis Nexis, SAP, SOS and Tikit Firmware, making it an easily adopted, intuitive credit management solution your whole team will feel confident using.


With users in over 26 countries around the world, CreditForce collections management software is trusted from Australia to America, Hong Kong to Venezuela.


You can expect a 50% improvement in your collections team's productivity, 30% reduction in WIP and receivables levels and significant reduction in bad debts.


You can expect a 75% reduction in the time needed to match and allocate cash with this intelligent auto cash allocation application.


Boasting the most powerful, user-friendly dashboards and interface in the sector, CreditForce enables you to intuitively analyse your data to manage risk and prioritise the task lists relevant to each member of your organisation.


Comprehensive compliance tools within this intelligent collections management solution ensures essential data about client matters is captured and letters of engagement are on file - 100% compliance with SRA regulations.


We provide an in-depth range of consulting, training and support services to bring best practice to your collections process and optimise your debtor performance. Our UK-based support team knows you by your name, not as a number, and is always happy to help.

Some of the clients who put their trust in us

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