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If your head is in the Cloud...

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

It is probably in the right place

Fluffy clouds

Are you thinking of joining the increasing number of businesses migrating their ERP and Operational Administration systems into the cloud?

The heads of the development team at Innovation Software are definitely not in the clouds. Feature-rich CreditForce Cloud is the complete enchilada and definitely not a ‘cut-down’ version, as can be the case with some ERP and PMS.

If your business is thinking of making the switch to e.g., Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Aderant Expert Sierra and you are already using CreditForce, we have you covered. If you are already using a cloud-based platform and you would like to integrate our award-winning software, we've got your back too.

CreditForce is a fully automated cash-generative collections and working capital management system with a host of advanced automation features. It enables many global businesses simultaneously to reduce their working capital requirements and costs through significantly improved productivity, ensuring Work-in-Progress is accurately invoiced, and collected, at the earliest opportunity.

CreditForce is available for on-premises implementation or in the cloud with hosting by Microsoft Azure. We have integration with over 40 leading ERP and PMS including Aderant Expert Sierra, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Oracle, Infor, Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E, P4W, SOS, and a wide range of Industry specific legacy systems too.

We are here to magnify efficiency, whatever your business. To let us show you how, select the red button below and arrange a demonstration.

We are here to magnify efficiency, whatever your business. To let us show you how, please call the office and ask for Caroline Lyons on 01634 812 300 or send her an email:

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