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How to know when an invoice has been sent

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

For many of our legal clients, the sending out of invoices is the responsibility of the Partners or the Partners’ Secretaries.

This can be an issue for Collectors as they do not always know if an invoice has been despatched. They can end up chasing an invoice which has not yet been sent to a client, causing embarrassment to themselves and annoyance to both the client and the Partner.

CreditForce will automatically capture the date an invoice was raised, but this does not always match the date the invoice is despatched. The standard process for a Collector to obtain this information typically consists of trawling through mailboxes and document management systems, or by meeting directly with the Partners which is costly to both the Partners and Collectors in terms of time.

So, we developed the Invoice Despatch Tracking service to resolve this issue. The Invoice Despatch Tracker will capture the date an invoice has been sent from a mailbox and avoids any further time-wasting or embarrassment.

How does it work?

  1. Notify CreditForce can automatically send email notifications to Partners or Secretaries listing any invoices that are awaiting despatch.

  2. Despatch The Despatch Tracking Service allows us to track when invoices have been despatched by the Fee Earner, Partner or Secretary via the use of a centralized mailbox. The service uses the detail of the email and the attachment(s) to match to the relevant invoices in CreditForce and record the date it was sent in CreditForce as a Despatch Date (which can be used to drive workflow). It gets even better - CreditForce will save a copy of the despatch email to the Communications History and store copies of the attached invoices on the email in FDIM (our in-built document management system). The email address that the invoice was sent to gets set as the default email address for all further chasing, making it even easier for your collectors to chase the cash.

  3. Track CreditForce will store and track a copy of the invoice sent, together with each related email transaction in the Communications History, so information about the invoice can be easily tracked and retrieved. Even if the email is deleted in Outlook our clever Email Tracking service will store a carbon copy in CreditForce that cannot be overwritten.

To find out more, please click here or request a demo.

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