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CreditForce is live & in-use at Blacks Solicitors

We are delighted to announce that CreditForce is live and in-use at Blacks Solicitors LLP in Leeds

Blacks Solicitors have implemented the CreditForce Collections and Working Capital Management modules. The Innovation Software Implementation Team integrated CreditForce with P4W, the advanced Partner for Windows legal and case management solution.

Director of Client Services, Caroline Lyons commented: “We are delighted to be working with Practice Manager, Andrew Mahoney and Finance Analyst, Leanne Philips to help improve their processes and help them to achieve an overall reduction in their debt.” When asked why he chose CreditForce, Andrew Mahoney replied: “CreditForce is a tried and tested collections management system and we were fortunate to have finance team members who could vouch for the system from previous places of employment. Innovation Software provided very useful demos and user testing and, in the end, it was an easy decision to make”. CreditForce is now live, in-use and already saving time for the Blacks Solicitors Collections Team. When asked what she likes most about using CreditForce, Leanne Philips told us "The system is easy to use and has some great features that allow a credit control function to operate smoothly and accurately. If you are task driven like me, CreditForce will provide that structure and ensure there are no gaps".

To find out more about CreditForce please click here or request a demo.

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