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How to Optimise Collections Management?

Optimising collections management in the industrial, commercial and government sectors

Finding ways to optimise your collections management process will inevitably lead to improved productivity, reduced DSO, and increased cash flow. Here, we’ll go through how to optimise collections management.

How to optimise collections management

Particularly in high pressure sectors such as industrial, commercial and government settings, you need a targeted and efficient collections management process - a process that focuses on solving problems, streamlining communications with payors, and providing business insights into cash management, and CreditForce Industrial, Commercial & Government Edition can help - offering a range of modules and functions, such as:

Email security, email tracking and data protection - these pioneering features use the data provided via emails - real time client conversations - to inform business decisions and optimise communications.

Advanced reporting and analytics dashboards - the most advanced offered on the market, CreditForce ICGE’s reporting and analytics dashboards - AKA CreditForce Insights - provide an intelligent ‘at-a-glance’ overview of your revenue and collections data.

An integrated suite: CreditForce ICGE provides an integrated suite specifically designed to improve visibility and streamline workflow; ultimately improving your cash balance - offering the widest range of functionality on the market to meet the most challenging requirements of collections teams in industry and government sectors.

About CreditForce ICGE

CreditForce ICGE (Industrial, Commercial, Government & Enterprise) has been designed specifically for credit control - to help increase the value delivered by your revenue and collections team, as well as optimise and achieve excellence in your cash generative processes.

CreditForce has been built from the ground up by industry experts to provide the widest range of functionality on the market and help you move towards a more cash-positive future for your business.

The Industry, Commercial & Government Edition is ideal for use in many sectors, including:

● Insurance

● Utilities

● Telecommunications

● Foods

● Paper

● IT

● Financial Services

● Electronic and Business Equipment Manufacturers

● Central and Local Government

To find out more about CreditForce and request a demo, please click here.

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