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Healthy Cash-flow - Healthy Mind

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Tips and tricks for maintaining balance whilst working from home.

Issue 01

For all of you who will be working from home during the coming weeks, (and in your offices too) we are going to be doing something a little different with our regular newsletter. We are going to be splitting it into two parts:

1) Healthy Cash-flow: where we will be providing you with CreditForce tips and tricks for managing collections from home. We will use the space to show you how to adjust to this situation and harness CreditForce to keep your cash-flow flowing healthily.

2) Healthy Mind: We expect that most of you will not know that Caroline Lyons, our Director of Client Services, is a highly experienced and qualified yoga teacher. She has trained both in Australia and at a leading Yoga Centre in Mysore, India. She has been teaching for over 4 years. So we thought it would be a nice idea to provide you with: NamaStay at Home Yoga Sessions. These will come later in the week, in the form of a webex link for you to join in the comfort of your own home (or for the less shy, in your office). Yoga is superb exercise for keeping both the mind and body healthy. Look out for wellness recipe ideas, fun indoor activities and other ways to keep your mind engaged.

It's important to stay connected while we hide away, so what better time to face this situation than now, what with all the technology available to us. We hope you will enjoy these newsletters, and share pictures with us of you practicing the activities, from wherever you are.

Find out more about Caroline Lyons as a yoga instructor by visiting

Healthy cash-flow

Although the majority of our clients email collections letters and, or, statements to their clients, there are some, particularly in the legal sector, who still print these and send in the post. This may be a problem if you are working from home, as it may conflict with your ISO 20017 and GDPR Policies. Although you could manually go through your letter or statement batches review function and, either flag the system not to print them, or provide an email address for each letter, this could be quite time consuming and open to error. So we are now in the process of developing a solution to ease the problem of working from home.

  • We will provide a new option be enable you to automatically set, letters and statements flagged for output to printer, to be excluded from the batch


  • If you do not have email addresses in CreditForce (in which case see below) but do have them elsewhere, you may override the print option for contacts without emails to be emailed directly to the collector so that they can forward the letter / statement to the client where they have an email address that is not held in the PMS or CreditForce, and the communications history will show that the statement was emailed to the collector

  • We can help you switch to email. It is not a problem if you have email addresses in CreditForce as these can then be sent by email directly from CreditForce. However if you do not have the majority of your letters and statements being sent by email this does propose a problem as these, more often than not, cannot be printed at home due to ISO or GDPR regulations and would most probably be binned rather than posted as the posting would normally be done centrally within the organisation.

We are fronting the development costs and the time required, and therefore will charge our clients only for the implementation time. This can be carried out remotely and we are able to carry out remote training to demonstrate how the function would work for you and your team. The solution should be ready early this week. If you are interested in finding out more about this time-saving solution, give Caroline a call on 01634 812 300, or send an email to:

Healthy mind

We may not be able to control what is going on around us at times, but one thing we can control is the way we respond. With information flying at us from left, right and centre it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish the facts from the noise. Now more than ever we need strength of mind to get us through the coming months. One way to cultivate this is through meditation. It’s a practice that Buddhists have been engaging in for over 1,000 years. The point of mediation is not necessarily to empty your mind, but rather to observe your thoughts without reaction. Everyday we are consumed by one thought after another. Some follow a linear trail, others come as if from nowhere. Some are positive, but all too often others are negative and can cause inner conflict. When we meditate, we sit in silence, and let the thoughts come and go, without judgment, without reaction. Sounds easy right? Challenge: try doing exactly that for 1 minute and see how you go. Then tomorrow, try it for 2 minutes, each day adding on.

If we can control the way we respond to our own thoughts, imagine how better equipped we are to control the way we respond to the information overload around us.

Give it a try.

Thought of the day

"Out off every adversity lies the seed of an equal or greater benefit." Unknown source

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